Mens & Womens Height Increasing Insoles 3-Layer Air up Shoe Lifts Elevator Shoes Insole Lift Kit 2.25"

Size Guide

- Set Includes 1 pair (Right and Left) - 2.25" Height Increasing Heel Insert for Men & Women - Instantly add 1.25" to 2.25" to your overall height - 1st layer worn alone = 1.25" increase, add 2nd insert for additional 0.50" and add 3rd layer for an additional increase of 0.50" to total overall height of 2.25". Instantly become taller by inserting these adjustable, invisible insoles! Fits most styles of shoes: Boots, Sneakers, Trainers, etc.! Inserts are best worn with a shoe slightly larger than your normal size. They are intended to be used with high-profile shoes. - Air Cushioned designed for maximum comfort


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